Metabolic Health Bundle

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Metabolic Multi + Vitamin D + Omega + Gluco Elite + Lipoic Acid Elite

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Metabolic Health Package Highlights

Synergistic Metabolic Support

Potent, bioavailable dosing

Premium ingredients for easy assimilation

Supports a broad range of physiology supporting metabolic health

Comprehensive support of insulin responsiveness and blood sugar metabolism

Metabolic Health is Complex and Requires a Comprehensive Approach

Gluco MultiVitamin Elite

– Support healthy energy production

– Maintains healthy blood sugar metabolism and cell responsiveness to insulin

– Promotes the balance of hormones associated with metabolism, cravings, and satiety

– Supports healthy cellular aging through a potent effect on advanced glycation end-products (AGEs)

Omega Elite

– Supports healthy insulin signaling

– Sustainably sourced from wild-caught, non-GMO, Alaskan fish and in the natural triglyceride form, which has been found to be the best regarding absorption and bioavailability.

Calcium Magnesium Elite

– Magnesium promotes healthy responses to insulin and maintenance of balanced blood sugar metabolism

– Calcium combined with vitamin d has been shown to support healthy blood sugar metabolism

– Supports over 300 reactions in the body and found in our highly bioavailable formulation created with TRAACS® magnesium bisglycinate

Vitamin D Elite (K1&K2)

– Promotes healthy blood sugar levels and healthy body weight

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