Women’s Health

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Women’s Health
Women’s Health

At Complete Care, our women’s health care is focused on the patient’s optimal well-being. This means every woman will be assessed and treated until her symptoms are gone-until she has good sleep, good energy, good mood, and no symptoms. Our providers do not stop working with the patient until the goal of no symptoms is reached. The providers will ask if the patient has a leaky bladder (common after childbirth and after menopause), pain with sex, vaginal dryness, or menstrual cramps. Those things are important to know, and rest assured the providers are not embarrassed to hear these details! And the best thing to remember is these symptoms are fixable! If a woman is frustrated in the bedroom, there are reasons for this as well. Our providers can help find the root cause so the patient feels better and can enjoy life.

And yes, PMS and menstrual cramps, and heavy periods are common, but they are not normal. They tell the providers that the woman’s system is not balanced. Women should not accept these monthly symptoms! Do schedule an appointment to meet with our amazing providers! They can help you feel good all month long.

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