In-house Lab

Available at Our State Street Location
In-House Lab
In-House Lab

Why do I need a lab test?

Lab tests may be needed as part of discovering the root cause of a health issue. At Complete Care your blood is drawn by an experienced, certified phlebotomist, and performed in our CLIA certified moderate complex laboratory by a licensed Medical Technologist.

How will this help me?

Because Complete Care performs much of the lab work and tests in our clinic it saves you time and money. For your convenience, requested lab tests can be drawn during your visit instead of having to make another appointment.

This eliminates the need to make a different appointment offsite where it may take weeks to get in and additional time to get the results back. Rapid test results can give the provider answers that can quickly help determine a course of action or treatment for you.

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Sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we will no longer be open Saturdays due to staffing shortages.

Re-opening Saturdays in October 2023.

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