Our story.

Dr. Thaddeus Gala is a chiropractor and the founder + CEO of Complete Care.

Dr. Thaddeus Gala Complete Care
Dr. Thaddeus Gala is a chiropractor and the founder + CEO of Complete Care.

He was raised in the mountains of rural Trail, Oregon. His most profound and ultimately life-changing experience while growing up was witnessing the severe decline of his mother’s health. A once vibrant, active, and enthusiastic go-getter, his mother’s rapid and unexpected health decline took its toll on his whole family. 

She was nearly bed-ridden and the family had begun to remodel their house into a wheel-chair friendly setup, when she encountered a chiropractor who helped to set her on a new path and regain her health and vibrance.

Ever since watching his mother’s health transform from a bed-ridden illness to the vivacious educator and athlete she would become, Dr. Gala has been inspired and dedicated to pursuing and promoting health as his professional life’s work in natural medicine.

After graduating from college and starting his first practice, his passion only grew. His belief that we can do better for our patients than just mainstream medical is a perspective that has driven his vision for natural medicine.

Dr. Thaddeus Gala Complete Care
Complete Care
Complete Care Story
Complete Care

The beginning.

Complete Care opened the doors to our first clinic in Eagle Point, Oregon on June 13th, 2011. Since our humble beginnings with only three employees, Complete Care has blossomed into several multi-specialty clinics support by a growing team of incredible, caring individuals. 

Our services include a natural health care approach to overcoming pain and chronic diseases. We accomplish this through getting to the root cause using a variety of services and education to meet the needs of our patients. 

We are dedicated to assisting and encouraging people in their pursuit of health and have made it our mission to render the highest quality of healthcare and to educate our community on the importance of wellness and lifestyle choices.

Our dedicated team.

Our team is like family. The friendly, warm, environment with a devoted and compassionate staff is crucial for quality care and a successful healing process. Our experienced practitioners and their support teams are celebrated for going above and beyond to deliver paramount individualized care. It is this vision and expectation that set our organization in motion and continues to keep us delivering outstanding complete healthcare to those in need.

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