About Complete Care Health Centers

Dr. Gala’s vision for natural medicine is bold and based on the belief that care must be complete. Individuals are not just a summation of parts and partial health care is simply not acceptable. Health beyond reasonable expectation is always the goal.

Dr. Thaddeus Gala is a chiropractor who was raised in rural Trail, Oregon where he witnessed the complete transformation of his mother from full disability with a painful and severe case of fibromyalgia to a total recovery. Conventional doctors told her there was nothing they could do. She didn’t accept the “sentence” given to her but instead kept searching for answers. Through the help of her son and functional medicine, she has seen her health transformed from someone with a bed-ridden illness to the vibrant health coach she is today. Seeing this transformation first hand and getting his mom back has inspired Dr. Gala to dedicate his professional life to pursuing and promoting health through natural medicine.

His first step was to open the doors of Complete Care on June 13th, 2011 in Eagle Point, Oregon. Since his humble beginnings with only three employees, Complete Care has blossomed into several multi-specialty clinics and an online division serving the communities of Southern Oregon as well as nationally. Dr. Gala is often invited to speak across the United States promoting natural medicine. He has several publications, been featured in documentaries, been a guest on radio and television shows, and has published research all geared towards helping to change the lives of thousands through natural approaches.

Our purpose at Complete Care is to improve quality of life beyond any reasonable expectation. We are dedicated to assisting and encouraging people in their pursuit of total health – social, mental and physical wellbeing. Our services include a natural health care approach to overcoming pain and chronic diseases through chiropractic, primary care, physical therapy, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle coaching, massage, and wellness education. Our mission is to render the highest quality healthcare and to educate our community on the importance of wellness and lifestyle choices. We strive to become a beacon and sanctuary for people wishing to pursue health naturally.

Our team is like family our clients tell us. It has become clear that a friendly, warm, healing environment with a devoted and compassionate staff is crucial for a compassionate and sustainable business, as well as, a successful healing process. The experienced practitioners and their support staff are celebrated for going above and beyond to deliver paramount individualized care. Our practitioners are those who have devoted their entire careers to building their practice, so that Complete Care could grow into the multi-disciplinary, natural healthcare community that it is today. It is this vision that set our organization in motion and continues to keep us delivering outstanding complete healthcare.