Primary Care

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Primary Care
Primary Care

What Primary Care Offers

Our primary care providers offer a wide variety of health care for you and your entire family; everything from routine checkups to health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, and patient education. Our providers get to know you and they listen to your concerns and work on the root cause, not the symptoms. When needed, our providers have access to a network of specialists across Oregon.

What is a primary care provider?

These are providers that are the first contact for patients and offer continuing care. They are skilled in preventative health care and continuing care for persons with any undiagnosed symptoms or health concerns. They work with other health care providers when needed supplying advocacy for patients.

Why have a primary care provider?

If you are looking for continuity of care, a primary care provider can offer that. You create a relationship that spans years and allows your provider to really get to know your health and health goals. This happens from tracking your health history, understanding your lifestyle, personality and habits. Routinely seeing your primary care provider makes diagnosis easier and more effective. Research shows this will keep you healthier as you age.

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