MultiVitamin Elite (+Copper)

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Full-spectrum multivitamin with fruit bioflavonoids and Albion-chelated minerals for maximum absorption.

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A good multivitamin can help fill the nutritional gaps

Synergistic ingredients*

Bioavailable* which means it is easily absorbed and used by the body

Premium ingredients not found in most other multivitamins

Provides the foundational nutritional support you deserve*


Based on science with the best ingredients available

Can’t I just use the stuff from the discount store?

While the vitamins on the shelf of the local big box or discount store may be less expensive, you definitely get what you pay for! In order to have a lower final price, cheaper ingredients are used which our bodies don’t have the ability to use efficiently.

Powerful, foundational support*

Our food today just isn’t as potent as it was 50 years ago. Declining mineral and vitamin potency leave a gap, even for those with the healthiest of diets. While you can get all you need from food alone, the sheer quantity would likely be impossible to consume, let along afford. The prudent use of a high-quality multivitamin can help to fill in the gaps and maintain the healthy foundation, which your body thrives upon.


It is hard to look at a label and really understand the difference between all the ingredients. You may look at two separate products and both seem to have the same quantities of minerals and vitamins. The problem is that the form the nutrients are provided in makes all the difference. Many options on the market use ligands (think of “glue” to hold things together) which creates challenges with absorption. One test which is commonly failed by lower quality options is the ‘dissolution test’ which verifies the vitamin does break down to be absorbed in the digestive tract. Do you want to use a multivitamin that is difficult to break down or one which you absorb and use nearly the entire thing?

Top-shelf ingredients

Only the best ingredients will do for Clinical Complete Multi+. We are very critical of the combination and type of ingredients you trust us with recommending. We are very serious about only providing the proven best options.

Thoughtful formulation

Have I mentioned that we like synergy? When you have a supplement with the large variety of ingredients of a multivitamin, far more goes into choosing the ingredients than just throwing it all together. Think of Clinical Complete Multi+ as put together by a gourmet chef who understands the value of each ingredient in the formula or ‘recipe’ to create a masterpiece once completed.

Bonus Ingredients

The nutrients included in a multivitamin have become very standard. We didn’t really like that so we went a step further and added some premium ingredients to up the powerful synergy. The added alpha-lipoic acid, trimethylglycine, fruit bioflavonoids, choline, and inositol truly qualify Clinical Complete Multi+ as a ‘Powerhouse!’

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