CoQ10 Elite (60)

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Promotes proper energy levels and healthy aging, may support cardiovascular, nervous system, immune health, and benefit healthy bone metabolism.

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A powerful antioxidant that has vast applications to your healthEssential for the production of energy in every cell of the bodySupports active brain functioningStrengthens ImmunityPotent cardiovascular supportPromotes a healthy aging processCould you Benefit from this Systemic Powerhouse?Active form of CoQ10Ubiquinone needs to be converted to ubiquinol before the body can use it. The unique form of Clinical CoQ10 provides ubiquinol in the format which your body is eager and able to utilize.Support healthy aging*As we age, the efficient activation of CoQ10 declines, necessitating the use of ubiquinol. In light of this decline, adequate levels are still necessary to support health throughout the body. The long-term use of CoQ10 helps to maintain the quality of life while aging.Certain medications cause significant depletions*The body produces CoQ10, but in the presence of certain medications, a significant need for supplementation exists. Beta blockers and statin medications are both well documented to increase the need for additional CoQ10.Necessary for the production of energy*CoQ10 is required for the synthesis of ATP, the body’s currency for energy. Its presence is necessary for mitochondria to produce energy throughout the body.Potent support of heart health*The use of CoQ10 is well supported in the maintenance of heart health. Healthy levels are associated with the long-term health of the cardiovascular system.Protects brain health*Since CoQ10 supports the cellular production of energy throughout the body, it is especially important in the brain, one of the most metabolically active Researchers have shown it to protect against age-related degenerative changes.Potent antioxidantUbiquinol, the active form of CoQ10, acts as an antioxidant.

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