Inflammatame Elite (240)

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Supports healthy inflammatory response, helps maintain healthy joints, supports the body’s antioxidant status*

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The Master Metabolic Switch

Synergistic support of healthy inflammatory responses*

Potent antioxidant support*

Supports healthy muscles and joints*

Promotes cardiovascular health*

Systemic synergy!


Comprehensive support of healthy inflammation and antioxidant levels

Healthy inflammatory response is a must

Curcumin, boswellia, quercetin, rutin, rosemary, and resveratrol regulate the expression of certain enzymes which support a healthy optimal cytokine response.The addition of the proteolytic enzymes; protease, serratiopeptidase, protease SP, trypsin, and chymotrypsin all provide potent support of tissue health and homeostasis.


Each ingredient in Clinical Inflammatame complements the function and purpose of the rest. This well thought out combination provides the synergy necessary to maintain balanced inflammatory responses and oxidative status.

Bioavailable Curcumin

Curcumin is notoriously difficult to get into the blood stream, which is where it provides its powerful support. The use of Curcumin C3 Complex® proves our continued commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients. This form of curcumin has been studied in 45+ clinical trials!

Support healing processes*

An important part of healthy inflammation is the portion in which tissue heals. Curcumin promotes healthy inflammation through the entire cycle.

Protection against oxidative stress*

Curcumin and bioflavonoids are both proven antioxidants with a long track record of promoting healthy management of oxidative pathways.

Promotes healthy function of key metabolic switches *

Blocks mTOR which, amongst many things, promotes the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel.

Activates AMPK, also known as the master metabolic switch, which is responsible for healthy glucose uptake, use of fatty acids as fuel, mitochondrial health, and the maintenance of insulin sensitivity.

Maintains brain health*

Brain health and mood have been shown to be supported by curcumin and flavonoids.


We carefully chose ingredients which have an excellent safety record.

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