Calcium Magnesium Elite

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Supports healthy bones, proper muscle contraction, and relaxation, healthy blood pressure, and promotes cardiovascular and blood vessel function*

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Clinical Magnesium Complete HighlightsSupports over 300 distinct biochemical reactions in the bodyGold standard in bioavailabilityPromotes health in every organ of the bodyNearly everyone can benefit from increased magnesium intakesThe magnesium in this product are Albion® mineral amino acid chelates for optimal tolerance and absorption.Do you have enough Magnesium to realize its Power?Suboptimal levels are pandemicA significant body of evidence points to chronically declining levels of magnesium which creates an additional challenge for the body’s ability to maintain optimal health.Your Heart LOVES Magnesium!*Magnesium intake and healthy levels in the blood are associated with healthy cardiovascular function.Maintain a healthy response to blood sugar and insulin*Cells have been shown to maintain a healthy response to insulin and maintain balanced blood sugar metabolism.Support the powerhouse of your cells, Mitochondria*Maintain healthy levels of energy through healthy ATP metabolism. ATP is the currency of energy and magnesium is an important cofactor in the efficient, healthy production of energy by your mitochondria.Magnesium is even an Electrolyte*Magnesium is an important electrolyte, along with calcium, potassium and sodium. It is important to have enough of each to promote healthy balance.Support healthy digestion and bowel movements*Magnesium helps to maintain the body’s natural peristaltic action supporting healthy and complete elimination.Calm muscles are happy muscles*Healthy levels of magnesium help maintain relaxed muscles and promote healthy function.Your Brain and Nervous System need it too*Adequate magnesium status supports healthy mitochondrial function in the cells of the brain and other neurological tissues. This helps to promote a calm mind and maintenance of these important tissues.

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