Sarah North

Sarah North

LMT #17646, CA

Sarah is a Rogue Valley native who discovered her passion for bodywork whilst seeking relief from her own chronic pain, caused by hip dysplasia. She graduated from Rogue Community College’s massage program in 2010. Initially only seeing massage therapy as a foundation from which to advance in the healthcare field, she later earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Minor in Biology from Southern Oregon University. Her undergraduate studies have proven to be an indispensable and advantageous resource that allows her to provide patients effective, medication-free treatment for chronic pain.

Drawing from her science background, Sarah uses an evidence-based, interdisciplinary approach to massage that emphasizes patient empowerment through science and medical literacy. She specializes in deep-tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, and myofascial release techniques, particularly in the treatment of myofascial pain and movement disorders related to soft-tissue trauma.

Sarah is a life-long learner with an unrelenting curiosity for the natural world. Her free time is spent, drawing, gardening, hiking, and working on her house — usually in the company of her partner, Gene, and two kitties, Panthro and Jacque, and two dachshunds, Pebbles and Manny.

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