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Matthew Goodrich


Dr. Goodrich graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic. He grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where his passion for healthy living grew out of necessity.

As a child, he suffered from a number of health problems including allergies, asthma, and chronic sinus infections. As he grew older, he also witnessed many of his family members suffer from chronic health conditions as well.

Traditional medicine didn’t seem to improve his own ailments or the conditions of his family. But what did he discover was the profound impact that chiropractic had on his own life and overall health. With the combination of Chiropractic, eating quality foods, and regular exercise, he saw the change in himself and was excited to share his knowledge and experience with others. Because of this, Dr. Goodrich deeply felt that it was his purpose to help the people around him live a healthier life.

Dr. Goodrich studied Sports Medicine and Dietetics at Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania where he helped implement a pre-chiropractic program within the Sports Medicine department. He received the Living Mercy Award given to students who demonstrate exceptional selfless service for others. Dr. Goodrich also founded a stress management group for students and faculty and was invited to speak with the president of the college, discussing the importance of healthy living to the public.

Upon entering Logan College of Chiropractic, Dr. Goodrich continued in this same path–he applied his acquired knowledge to fine-tune his ability to help people not only find relief but enhance their vitality and increase their resilience. He has experience treating a variety of patients, ranging from newborns and toddlers with colic and mobility problems to Division I and Division II athletes recovering from injuries to people who simply want to be more proactive about their health and want to enhance the quality of their life.

Dr. Goodrich has the ability to meet patients where they are to help them achieve their health goals. Dr. Goodrich works cooperatively with board-certified neurologists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other primary health care providers to provide exceptionally thorough patient care. He has also worked alongside the team chiropractor for the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders for two years prior to moving to Oregon.

Dr. Goodrich is married to his wife, Sammie, and together they have a son, Owen, and twin daughters, Vera and Veda. He enjoys staying active through lifting weights, trail running, rock climbing, and spending time with his family.

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