Vitamin D 10K Elite (60)

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10,000 IU of vitamin D + vitamins K1 ,K2, and GG for optimal bone and arterial health, helps maintain proper immune system function, offers support for healthy prostate, colon, and breast tissue*

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Research shows vitamin D with calcium can prevent up to 77% of all cancers

Promotes healthy expression of 100’s of genes related to everything from bone health, to immune response, mood, metabolism and arterial function*

Synergistic formula leveraging the cooperation of Vitamin D and K

Natural bioavailable form

Potent dose with only 1 capsule

What’s the big deal about Vitamin D and K?

But I get some sun every day

While many know of vitamin D as the sunshine vitamin, most don’t realize that to get this benefit you need to be outside midday. Even worse if you live too far north you can’t only make vitamin D a significant portion of the year.

Synergistic bone support*

Vitamin D and K work in unison to support the healthy development and maintenance of strong bones. Studies have shown that vitamin K (specifically MK-7) supports the ability of osteocalcin to signal the continued building of the bone matrix.

Supports healthy weight and blood sugar metabolism

Healthy levels of vitamin D maintain healthy blood sugar levels and appropriate healthy weight.

Your body needs more than you realize

Normal physiological function calls for about 5,000 IU of vitamin D to be used each day! What about when you add normal daily stressors or an immune system response? Anything extra requires more vitamin D to operate appropriately.

Potent immune support*

Researchers have solidly established a connection between vitamin D and immune system health. Providing healthy levels of vitamin D allows the immune system to maintain a balanced response when called upon.

Digestive Support*

There are tiny little gaps all along your digestive tract and vitamin D is an essential nutrition in keeping these “gap junctions” tight, preventing food particles from leaking through, and operating as intended.

Blood vessel support*

Vitamin K supports the body’s ability to efficiently utilize calcium. This helps to maintain calcium deposition where it belongs, in the bones, not the arteries.

Support positive mood*

Vitamin D receptors are found throughout the brain. Maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D has been well connected to a healthy mood and positive outlook.

Vitamin D Receptors are everywhere!

At least 229 genes have been shown to respond to vitamin D. These responses are varied and complex but include immune function, cell-differentiation and growth, and many processes which support long term health. If we were to think of one nutrient as a “do-it-all,” vitamin D would be very hard to leave out of the conversation.

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