Paleo Protein Elite (Vanilla)

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Highly absorbable bone broth protein powder, supports muscle, cartilage & ligaments.

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Clinical Paleo Protein Vanilla HighlightsGreat meal replacement!Works great with smoothies or just water21 grams of protein and ONLY 4 carbsNon-GMO ingredients are free from common allergens and impuritiesOptimized bio-availability and usability from hormone free, grass-fed cattleNaturally support cellular metabolism and healthy energy*Smooth creamy tasteI’m not trying to pack on muscle, why do I need a protein shake?Quench those Cravings*This potent shake, packed with 27g of protein and only 4g of total carbohydrate is just what the doctor ordered to provide stable blood sugar to help you feel full until the next meal. The sustained energy will help you avoid mid-meal “sugar crashes” which send you running for the nearest sugary snack.Fast and EasyMost mornings start off like a sprint so any extra time is welcomed with open arms. Using a quick and easy protein shake to start your day helps keep you on track to achieve your goals and maintain the health of your family. Long gone are the times of not having enough time to make a healthy meal or just skipping it completely.Provide the building blocks your body needs to thrive*Protein is broken down into amino acids which are used throughout the body. Starting with the best sources guarantee the myriad of hormones, enzymes, messengers, nucleic acids, and immune cells dependent on protein can operate at their full potential and provide the foundation you deserve.Great Meal ReplacementEach meal of the day requires a certain amount of protein. Clinical Paleo Protein can fulfill all your protein needs, regardless of which meal it is used. Couple it with some of the nutrient packed ingredients found in our shake recipes and you have a healthy meal faster than you can make it to the nearest fast food drive thru.

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