Immune Balance Bundle

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Vitamin D + Probiotic + Zinc Lozenge + Omega

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Immune Balance Package Highlights
Promotes the proper level of immune response
Potent, bioavailable dosing
Premium ingredients for easy assimilation
Synergy at its finest
Dairy and soy free
Package and auto ship order discounts

Potent solutions combine to promote well-balanced immune responses
Clinical Omega Concentrate
Maintain immune system homeostasis and balance*
Protective against excessive immune system action*
Supports immune system memory*
Promotes immune response resolution and return to healthy normal function*2
Clinical Probiotic
Healthy microbiota balance is crucial to immune system development*
Support healthy immune responses associated with digestive function*
Healthy microbiome balance makes Omega 3s even more powerful*
Vitamin D Longevity
Adequate levels of vitamin D are critical to immune system function*
Vitamin D receptors are found throughout the body and support tissue-specific healthy immune responses
Clinical Inflammatame
Powered by curcumin which promotes a well-balanced immune response*
Synergistic ingredients
Protection from oxidative stress*
Modulates cytokine response promoting healthy balance and robust immune function*
Promotes healthy muscles*

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