Arthrotame Elite (120)

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Support for healthy joints and cartilage.

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Clinical Antioxidant Highlights

Aids in the protection from free radicals*

Potent antioxidant support*

Supports cardiovascular health*

Promotes a healthy aging process*

Protects DNA from free radicals and oxidative stress*


Reap the benefits from potent antioxidant support!

Protection from free radicals*

– Free radicals occur for a variety of reasons, but the big challenge is their ability to engage with other cells throughout the body at a subatomic level. The healthy management of free radical activity throughout the body has been shown to support health in a variety of areas.

Promote healthy aging*

– The protection provided from free radicals allows a cell to age at an appropriate rate, as high levels of unchecked oxidative stress have been linked to an accelerate aging process.

Supports cardiovascular health*

– Antioxidant activity promotes vascular health through protection of blood vessels from LDL lipid peroxidation.

Support healthy DNA*

– Our DNA is constantly repairing itself to ensure its appropriate function. DNA is highly susceptible to the effects of free radicals, but Antioxidant support protects DNA from free radical effects.

Potent protection against oxidative stress*

– Curcumin and bioflavonoids are both proven antioxidants with a long track record of promoting healthy management of oxidative pathways.

Healthy regulation of genetic expression*

– Ginkgo biloba extract up-regulates several genes which carry great importance to antioxidant enzymes necessary for their health promoting effects.

Supports the health of sensitive tissues such as the lungs and eyes*

– Ingredients found in Clinical Antioxidant have been shown to protect the lungs against some environmental irritants.

– Additional protection from oxidation stress has been shown to be beneficial to the health of the eyes.


– We carefully chose ingredients which have an excellent safety record.

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