Licensed Massage Therapists

Our licensed therapist are result oriented and trained in a multitude of modalities. We accept motor vehicle accident and workers comp. claims.


Jenny Heppner

Jenny Heppner, LMT, CA # 21518

Jenny is an Eagle Point native. She graduated from Eagle Point High School in 2001. She was hired in June of 2014 after graduating and completing her internship at Complete Care. She graduated with her certificate in Massage Therapy from RCC. She is continuing her education to get her associates degree. Jenny loves having the ability to help patients heal themselves in an all-natural way, without surgery or medication. She is very excited for the opportunity to be part of a team and giving back to the community.



licensed massage therapist

Kelli Gray, LMT, CA #02359

Kelli is a licensed massage thereapist at Complete Care Health Centers. She has grown up in the Rogue Valley and is a graduate of Crater High School. In 2017 she graduated from Ashland Institute of Massage. Her dream has always been to work in a medical setting where she can focus on pain alleviation.

Besides pain alleviation, Kelli can perform a variety of modalities including deep tissue. In her free time, Kelli gives back to her community and has performed free massage for runners of the Pear Blossom Run.


Erica Saxbury

Erica Jamison, LMT, CA #23678

Erica Saxbury is a Licensed massage therapist and chiropractic assistant with Complete Care. Erica has been practicing massage for 1 year. She specializes in Reflexology, Swedish, Trigger Point, Infant Massage, Chair massage, & Pregnancy Massage.

Erica always wanted to help people in some way and finding her passion as a Massage Therapist has been amazing. She believes being at Complete Care is a dream job for her because Complete Care is centered around helping people find a solution. She is obsessed with obtaining the best results through massage for her patients


Tracey Rhodes

Tracey Rhodes, LMT, CA # 20097

Tracey has been in the Rogue Valley for most of her life and graduated from Eagle Point High School. Many years later she attended the Ashland Institute of Massage where she receive her LMT license in 2013. She specializes in Swedish, deep tissue and myofascial release. Tracy has worked at Complete Care since June of 2015. She says she is grateful for being able to work for such a fun enthusiastic group of people who go above and beyond for the health and well-being of their patients.


Rivers Walleman

Rivers Walleman, LMT, CA #24239

Rivers is an exceptional LMT at Complete Care Health Centers. He graduated massage school in 2012 and feels blessed to find a career that is motivating and rewarding.

Rivers is dedicated to provide healing treatments for all of his clients. Besides being a Licensed Massage therapist, he has an Associate’s Degree in Therapeutic Massage. He believes that his education combined with an innate bodywork intuition is the key to his success. He loves to share his knowledge and he is driven to get results out of every massage. His specializes in deep tissue, and neuro-muscular as well as reflexology and Gua Sha.

He is excited to be at Complete Care because he knows this is an environment that will give him the opportunity and ability to practice massage in a way that will positively change lives.


Wendy Robinson

Wendy Robinson, LMT, CA #12333

Wendy originally began her practice as a licensed massage therapist in Eagle Point expanding into Medford. She became a part of the Complete Care family as one of only a handful of Ashiatsu practitioners in the Rogue Valley. Wendy offers a unique component for pain relief and soft tissue injury recovery. While traditional massage uses the practitioner’s upper extremities, Ashiatsu is performed by using the feet and offers a blend of deep to light pressure over a broad surface area. Sometimes, for patients unable to comfortably tolerate needed deep tissue work, Ashiatsu can be the solution.

Kristen Sosnovske, LMT, CA #023460

Kristen was born and raised in Grants Pass, Oregon. She never considered massage therapy as a serious career path until the last couple months of high school. She felt indecisive about which path to take and decided to attend massage school. 


Kristen graduated from Rogue Community College in June of 2019 , in hopes of finding clarity along the way. She started my own massage business in fall of 2019 and stuck with that for about 6 months before coming to Complete Care in June 2020. The longer she stays in the massage therapy industry, the more she loves it and the more her passion grows for helping people heal in a natural, wholesome way. 

Daniel Mullaney, LMT, CA #25361

Dan was born and raised in Wisconsin and moved to the Rogue Valley in 2014. He graduated from Rogue Community College and was licensed for massage in 2019. He casually blends deep tissue, myofascial release, and sports massage to create an inclusive and overall comfortable experience for the patient. His goals focus on assisting the patient in the recovery process. Dan enjoys educating his patients about the mechanics of their body and the different techniques he uses and why. In his free time he enjoys being outside, rock climbing, exploring, biking, snowboarding and downhill skateboarding.