There can be a number of unknowns in the days or even weeks following a car accident. If you have experienced a back injury, it can be terrifying to think that the pain you are suffering may carry on for a number of years. Car accidents can be a real headache, both literally and figuratively. In some cases, it could not only have an impact on your physical health and day to day functioning but emotionally as well. To top it all off, lawsuits to recover for your damages can cause additional stress in the process. Having a lawyer you trust by your side as well as taking care of your health is paramount.

It’s likely that when you got behind the wheel, the last thing on your mind was the way in which your day would take a complete turn for the worst. Unbeknownst to many who are living with back pain, a chiropractor can help manage symptoms following a car accident. A chiropractor can administer adjustments to targeted areas in order manage pain and promote healing. In fact, they can provide far more than just an adjustment, they may also be able to provide you with exercises to help build back strength to help with the healing process.

What is an Adjustment?

An adjustment is one of the most common ways that a chiropractor may treat a patient’s pain during an office visit. During an adjustment, a chiropractor will manipulate the spine and other areas of the body to encourage pain management and overall healing of the body. The process may seem unlike any other that you have experienced. A chiropractor may manipulate your body into specific positions and apply pressure when administering an adjustment. Often, you will hear your joints pop or make sounds during this process. When this is done properly most patients experience relief almost immediately.

Exercises for Back Strength

It’s little known that chiropractors provide more than just a “cracking.” They may also provide patients with other services designed to manage, reduce, and prevent pain. The idea behind chiropractic care is not to have you reliant upon adjustments multiple times a week for the rest of your life in order to experience relief. A chiropractor will work to find long term solutions to back pain so that you are not left with lifelong suffering.

They may teach you the following exercises in order to reduce pain and provide you with a more long term solution:

  • Stretching the different areas of the body: lower back, hips, legs etc. They will likely tailor a specific regimen to suit your specific needs.
  • Hyperextensions
  • Core Strengthening such as crunches, sit ups, and leg presses
  • Hydrotherapy, which occurs in the water and can provide injury sufferers with a lower resistance solution to those who may not otherwise have the strength to engage in more traditional exercise

A chiropractor will show you exercises that are designed to improve your overall pain and functioning. By doing so, you may begin to strengthen your spine and take some of the pressure off of your joints. Once you have started the recovery process for your back injury and are cleared to see a chiropractor and engage in exercise, it may be a good idea to seek chiropractic services. A chiropractor can not only help manage pain through adjustment and exercise, they may also be able to provide you with a long term solution to your back problems.

Not only can a chiropractor provide you with treatment for back pain, they may also be able to treat a number of other issues you may be experiencing. If you have suffered a car accident and are experiencing pain, schedule an appointment with a chiropractor for the relief you are so desperately in need of and reach out to an auto accident lawyer Washington D.C. trusts for aid.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Cohen & Cohen, P.C., for their insight into getting help after a car accident.