“Complete care health centers is an amazing place full of people who actually care about ensuring you leave feeling better than when you arrived. I have been going here for almost two years now and couldn’t imagine a day where I ever stop!”

Shane B.

“Wonderful consult, I was asked great questions and actually had a provider that took the time to “listen” to me and talk with me and not at me! I looking forward to starting a treatment plan that could help with my migraines!”

Kimberly C.

“Dr Goodrich is amazing! He is very thorough in my treatments and has been wonderful in looking at my overall health and happiness. I am incredibly happy with all aspects of Complete Care and am so happy I found you guys. I highly recommend Complete Care for all services that are offered.”

Heather E.

“Thank you for taking your time and sharing your concerns. It’s nice to go somewhere and not be herded through like cattle. I look forward to becoming pain free.”

Tamara M.

“It was fantastic, all of the staff are extremely helpful and well vest at doing their job. My wife and i are so very thankful for all their help and we even made them our primary care givers, so thank you . I can’t say it enough!”

Harvey B.

“Excellent care and service as always.”

Richard B.

“Dr. Hutchinson and the office staff are tops!!! Everyone has always been kind, courteous, helpful, and professional. It is a highlight of our week. After my adjustment, I feel two inches taller and more relaxed. I have frequent headaches and chronic back pain. Dr. Hutchinson’s adjustments help me cope with the discomfort. Thank you!”

Betty H.

“I came in as a new patient a complete mess. My right shoulder and arm were in a lot of pain. I got a one hour massage with Jenny, and she mostly worked on my should and arm. When she was done, she said it would be sore next day but better the following day…and she was soooo correct! My shoulder and arm are better than they have been in three months. I then saw Dr McCullough for adjustment, and that helped as well. I was very impressed with everyone there, and in particular with Jenny and Dr McCullough. I was also amazed at how quickly I was able to be seen once I made the call…only a few days until I was feeling better :)”