Massage and the immune response

Massage and the Immune Response: Can It Strengthen Immunity?

Ancient cultures have used massage as an alternative medicine for centuries.  Fast forward to today and reports claim that massage can flush out toxins, increase blood flow, and boost immunity. But does it really work?  This article explores the health effects of massage and the immune response.  Keep reading to find out more…  What Is the Immune System? The immune system is the body’s defense mechanism against disease, bacteria, viruses, and parasites.  Furthermore, it’s made up of organs, proteins, and cells that are crucial for your survival.  Thus, you should think of it as a fortress that protects the body from invaders.  There are Two Main Types of Immunity 1. Innate Immunity Innate immunity is the baseline defense that you’re born with. As soon as you enter this world, you’re exposed to infections, bacteria, and disease.    Thankfully, your …
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Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Are you ready to discover the key to less stress, better digestion, and fewer sick days? Then it’s time to boost your immune system! Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do with diet, exercise, and chiropractic care to support immunity. In fact, chiropractors are a seriously underutilized tool in keeping the immune system strong, and soon you’re going to find out why. You already know that the immune system fights harmful bacteria, but did you know that it also impacts every system in the body? From your hormones to your heart, you need a healthy immune system to live your best life. Not only that, but an underactive immune system can cause tumors, while an overactive immune system can trigger autoimmune diseases. (1) In order to stay healthy, you want to be somewhere in between. With the right diet …
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