Vitality Success Program

Improving Patients’ Overall Health through Supportive Coaching Program
Vitality Success Program
Vitality Success Program

Complete Care has developed a vitality success program designed with the ultimate intent of improving an individual’s overall health, not just losing weight. Complete Care’s vitality success program is a supportive program to help you work towards better health under the care of your Primary Care Provider and one of our health coaches.

Becoming healthier can mean different things to different people — maybe you want to lose weight or increase energy, decrease pain or address diabetes or fibromyalgia. Maybe you just don’t feel as good as you think you could. These are all reasons to join our vitality success program and meet with a health coach for education, accountability, guidance, and encouragement. In most cases, services can be billed to insurance.

Our vitality success program is designed to show you how to lower your inflammation levels to help you feel better. We will provide you with nutritional information, meal plans, and recipes to guide you on your healthy journey. We will also help you establish short and long-term goals.

After every health coach visit, you will meet with your primary care provider for a brief check-in visit. Many patients find it helpful to meet with a health coach every 2-4 weeks. There is no set limit on visits, as everyone’s journey is different.

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