Transgender Care

Hormone Management, Pre/Post-Surgery Care, Routine Checkups & Health Screenings
Transgender Care
Transgender Care

Jill Henry, PA-C, is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced provider who specializes in hormone therapy for patients wishing to begin gender-affirming hormone therapy to transition to their preferred new gender. She empowers her patients to live healthily and offers everything from routine checkups to health promotion, disease prevention, and health maintenance. She listens to your concerns and works on the root cause, not the symptoms.

What is an LGBTQ+ primary care provider?

An LGBTQ+ primary care provider is a medical ally that can help you with any changes your body is experiencing. They are compassionate and experienced in offering care to LGBTQ+ patients. Specifically, they are able to manage hormones, help with pre- and after-surgery care, and offer health screenings.

At Your Appointment

Intake forms often don’t give the full story. This is a wonderful opportunity to talk about personal topics related to your health. Based on this comprehensive information gathered during the visit, along with your health history, your provider can make better recommendations.
A wellness exam may include a physical exam. Remember that if you are uncomfortable with any part of the exam, please let Jill know.

After Your Visit

Your provider will discuss aspects of your health that need follow-up. You may also have topics you want to discuss further, such as gender-affirming surgery and hormones. At this point, Jill may suggest a follow-up appointment or refer you to a specialist.

Our billing team can work with you to advocate with your insurance company. Some, insurance companies may question a bill when the name or gender in their records doesn’t match what is in the records from your office visit. If you have contacted your insurance and need assistance, we can reach out on your behalf to confirm services and/or re-bill if necessary with the goal of having your services covered for payment according to your plan.

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