Probiotic Elite

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Supports healthy digestion, immune system, bowel health, aids in promoting proper elimination.

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Clinical Probiotic Highlights
Healthy Gut = Healthy YOU

Patented delivery and stability technology
Dairy and Soy Free
Clinically relevant potency
Controlled release, ensuring proper delivery
DELIVERED in a cooler bag

Why are probiotics so important?
The digestive tract is critical to maintaining our health. The microbiota within, are essential to promoting continued healthy function. Unfortunately, the microbial balance is under constant attack from a variety of transgressors. Some of which include:

Common medications – antibiotics, heartburn medication (PPIs),
Lack of exercise
Excess eating3
Poor circadian cycles
Low fiber diet
Many other factors can influence the health of the digestive tract, but don’t worry there is hope. The use of probiotics helps to maintain a resilience against the many aspects throughout your day which may harm digestive function. Through the judicious use of a high-quality, diverse probiotic you can reap a myriad of health benefits.

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