Have you recently been told you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic. Are you wanting to get rid of or reduce your diabetic medications? There are natural solutions that can help you reduce or eliminate your medications. Through being engaged in specific lifestyle changes, not fad diets, you can gain control and eliminate your medications.

What type of Changes are Needed

We all know eating right and getting daily exercise are some changes you can make to start healing your body. You probably have tried some with little to no results. So what types of changes have we at Complete Care found that work? “One of the first changes you can make is to remove dairy and grains from your diet.” says Dr. Gala. Sarah Roberson, FNP-C, says that diabetes is very “responsive to diet, exercise and stress management.” Roberson includes “if somebody is motivated to make those changes they can start by making small changes. Usually their blood sugars start to improve.”

Change is a Process Not an Event

However change can be hard, so we do suggest taking baby steps. It is important to be patient with yourself. Giachetti states that you “don’t have to do everything at once. It is not going to happen overnight. It didn’t get to this point overnight, and it is not going to be fixed overnight.” Start with small changes, like switching out the sugary breakfast for protein and vegetables. You can also drink water instead of a sugary drink. Here at Complete Care we have successfully helped hundreds of people with our one-on-one coaching approach. We do this in conjunction with a provider. We have found that when people have ongoing support they are often more successful than people who don’t.

Preventative Approach is the Best

Furthermore, being preventative is easier than correcting. Even if you haven’t been told you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic it is a good idea to be preventive. You can still start eating right and exercising to reduce your risk. Harvard Medical Clinic states, “studies that identify preventive approaches are worthy of attention. Besides providing some of the strongest support to date for recommendations for healthier diets, perhaps the biggest impact of a study like this should be for people at increased risk of disease.”

If you’re interested in managing your diabetes or prediabetes or reducing your risk for the disease, make an appointment with us today for some natural solutions and ask about our Vitality Success Program.