Laurel Okorofsky MS, PA-C

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Laurel Okorofsky MS, PA-C

Laurel is a physician assistant whose medical training and experience began with critical care medicine as a respiratory therapist, moved to primary care with an emphasis on geriatrics and internal medicine, and finally progressed to a functional medicine “get to the root cause” approach with a focus on diabetes management. Working in a primary care practice in New York’s rural Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains, she relocated her farm to the Rogue River Valley in 2018 after a serious horseback riding accident. This journey of personal healing has both informed her medical practice and expanded her knowledge base; she has a keen interest in helping others to apply the best that updated research has to offer to wellness care. Laurel truly prides herself in going above and beyond and finding a measured and positive-minded approach for people with the most challenging diabetes.

While she has special training in traditional endocrine medicine and is literate in insulin pump management and the principles of diabetes education, she is also a primary care provider who stays current with, and believes in, an evidence-based approach to healthcare: Take the best of functional medicine and combine with the best that the traditional approach can offer. She is deeply committed to helping her clients create an individual care plan and make lasting lifestyle changes.

She holds three science degrees: Two from NY State Universities: A.A.S. Respiratory Care, and B.S. Biology, and from the Albany Medical College Graduate Center a Master of Science degree.