Everyone knows that getting exercise is good for you. But have you ever wondered why it is so important? Getting exercise has many immediate health benefits and also can help reverse and improve chronic disease. Johns Hopkins states that exercise is one of the four most important factors in health. The others include avoiding cigarettes and maintaining a healthy diet and body weight. In fact, they found that “these four lifestyle factors reduced the chance of death from all causes by 80 percent over [an] eight-year period.” Exercise and health are linked; in order to live a long and healthy life, exercise is essential.

Immediate Health Benefits of Exercise:

As soon as you begin to exercise, your body begins to benefit. While you are exercising, your body produces endorphins that help improve your mood. These hormones can also help to reduce stress. As you begin to exercise, your body gets an increase of oxygen. This boosts your heart and lung function, which in turn provides you with more energy. If you exercise, you may feel this boost in energy throughout the day. As the day comes to an end, exercise even helps you sleep. The Mayo Clinic states, “regular physical activity can help you fall asleep faster, get better sleep and deepen your sleep.” Exercise has many immediate health benefits that last throughout the day.

Long Term Health Benefits:

Exercise has many long term health benefits, but the most important is that is can help improve chronic conditions. Exercise can even help you work towards reversing disease. According to The Mayo Clinic, exercise helps the following conditions: arthritis, cancer, dementia, heart disease, back pain, diabetes and more.

Not only can exercise help improve conditions, it helps to prevent them. A recent study conducted by the Institute of Physical Education found that exercise prevents many chronic conditions. The most profound findings included that exercise prevents: “75% for breast cancer, 49% for cardiovascular and heart diseases, 35% for diabetes, 22% for colorectal cancer.” Evidence has shown that those who exercise regularly improve their odds of getting these conditions.

Exercise and health are inextricably linked. There are both short term and long term benefits. Even during times of stress such as the holidays, we need to be sure that we are getting enough exercise for our health. Here at Complete Care Health Centers, we hope you have a great holiday season. Remember to exercise for your health, even during the holidays. You will feel the results immediately!