Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX)

Digital Motion X-Ray uses leading edge technology to detect ligament injuries that can’t be seen with a Static x-ray, MRI or CT. It is a dynamic tool for people who have been in a motor vehicle accident and have already tried a Static x-ray.


You can’t move for a Static X-Ray like with a Digital Motion X-Ray. Unlike a Static X-ray, the DMX creates a motion picture while a person is moving. This results in an effective diagnostic tool and can be used for all joints of the body. In addition, it is created in real time while the person is moving.

Digital Motion X-Rays (DMX) are ideal for:

  • Anyone who may have whiplash, concussion, or other neck injury and has developed chronic symptoms.
  • Providing a unique look at the structures causing your pain and other joint instability symptoms.
  • When MRI and static X-Ray show “nothing” but you still have chronic symptoms!

How Does it Work?

The spine or joint goes through a range of motions while the DMX is videotaping the movement. The camera takes 30 individual X-Ray frames per second to create the digital motion x-ray. Then the consecutive X-Rays are digitalized to create a 90-second video of the movement of the bones. This video can be freeze-framed, zoomed in or out or viewed in slow motion.

Complete Care is the only healthcare facility in the Rogue Valley with state of the art digital motion X-Ray (DMX).