The CDC claims that stroke is the fifth leading cause for death in the United States. However, the seventh leading cause of death, diabetes, is also a risk factor for stroke. NPR reports that doctors warn that having “diabetes increase[s the] chances of having a potentially fatal stroke.” This means that those who have diabetes are more likely to have a stroke that results in death.

Why Diabetes Is A Risk Factor For Stroke

Diabetes can lead to stroke because the sugar, or glucose, in the blood cannot be converted to energy. The National Stroke Association states that “over time, this glucose can lead to increased fatty deposits or clots on the insides of the blood vessel walls. These clots can narrow or block the blood vessels in the brain or neck, cutting off the blood supply, stopping oxygen from getting to the brain and causing a stroke.” If you have diabetes, you have an increased risk of stroke.

Stroke Patients With Diabetes Increasing

Doctors have been warning that having diabetes is a risk factor for stroke and many other diseases such as cancer. Despite that, the number of stroke patients who have diabetes is increasing. NPR reports that the “prevalence of diabetes across stroke patients of all ages and ethnicities increased by 22 percent — from 31 percent of patients in 2004 to 38 percent in 2014.” Though the public is aware of the connection, the amount of people with diabetes who have strokes is increasing.

Sharing Common Risk Factors

Diabetes puts you at risk for stroke, which makes sense because they share many common risk factors. The shared risk factors include a poor diet, low physical activity, and obesity. These risk factors can all be controlled, and diabetes is a disease that responds very well to diet and exercise. You can reduce your risk of stroke and work towards reversing diabetes just by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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