Have you recently noticed some changes in your mood? If you’re a female over 35, it could be due to perimenopause or menopause. When the body reaches the stage before menopause hits called perimenopause, estrogen levels begin to change. According to the Cleveland Clinic, this change can “have an effect on your mental well-being.” There is evidence that estrogen can enhance your mood, so it makes sense that the decreasing levels of estrogen associated with perimenopause and menopause can “contribute to the mental health issues women experience during this period.” For some women, knowing their mood changes are caused by a natural occurrence may provide some answers.

Depression and other mental health issues can have many different causes, but the changes in estrogen levels can be one of them. Hormone changes can also cause anxiety and can cause sleeping issues as well. Lack of sleep may even worsen symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Natural Solutions to Depression

However, studies have shown that there are some natural solutions to adopt that may help relieve symptoms. Along with maintaining an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, avoiding these foods may provide relief:

-spicy food


One of the most difficult things is that depression and other mental health issues are stigmatized. Symptoms associated with depression include fatigue, guilt, restlessness, issues with concentration or memory, and feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness. The stigmatization of this condition can just add to the guilt. However, knowing that this can happen because of fluctuating hormones can provide releif to some women. Furthermore, you should know it is not your fault. Experts at Harvard agree. In fact, Dr. Joffee from Harvard states that “Depression symptoms are not a sign of someone’s failure to cope. This really is a brain phenomenon.”

If you notice that your symptoms start to affect your daily life, you should consider seeing a doctor. There are many natural solutions you can discuss with him that will help get your hormones back in balance. At Complete Care Health Centers, we have many hormone experts on staff. Call our clinic today if you’re interested in seeing how to relieve your depression and get your hormones back in balance.