Kelli Gray LMT, CA

Eagle Point and Medford location licensed massage therapist Kelli Gray, LMT, CA #02359 Kelli is a licensed massage thereapist at Complete Care Health Centers.  She has grown up in the Rogue Valley and is a graduate of Crater High School. In 2017 she graduated from Ashland Institute of Massage.  Her dream has always been to work in a medical setting where she can focus on pain alleviation. Besides pain alleviation, Kelli can perform a variety of modalities including deep tissue.  In her free time, Kelli gives back to her community and has performed free massage for runners of the Pear Blossom Run.
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Erica Saxbury, LMT, CA

Eagle Point Location Erica Jamison, LMT, CA #23678 Erica Saxbury is a Licensed massage therapist and chiropractic assistant with Complete Care. Erica has been practicing massage for 1 year.  She specializes in Reflexology, Swedish, Trigger Point, Infant Massage, Chair massage, & Pregnancy Massage. Erica always wanted to help people in some way and finding her passion as a Massage Therapist has been amazing.  She believes being at Complete Care is a dream job for her because Complete Care is centered around helping people find a solution. She is  obsessed with obtaining the best results through massage for her patients
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Licensed Massage Therapist

Irisha Niles-Flamez, LMT, CA

Medford and Eagle Point Location Irisha Niles-Flamez, LMT, CA #023460 Irisha grew up in Corvallis and relocated to the Rogue Valley in 2012 to work in the healthcare field. She began working at Complete Care right after graduating from the Massage Therapy Program at Rogue Community College. Swedish, Cupping, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Trigger Point therapies are some of the massages she specializes in. Irisha enjoys being part of a health care team that addresses all areas of health for each patient, assisting them to love their best life. When she isn’t’ giving massages, Irisha likes to spend her free time Irisha running, hiking, camping and snowshoeing.
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Rivers Walleman, LMT, CA

Eagle Point and Medford location Rivers Walleman, LMT, CA #24239 Rivers is an exceptional LMT at Complete Care Health Centers.  He graduated massage school in 2012 and feels blessed to find a career that is motivating and rewarding. Rivers is dedicated to provide healing treatments for all of his clients. Besides being a Licensed Massage therapist, he has an Associate’s Degree in Therapeutic Massage.  He believes that his education combined with an innate bodywork intuition is the key to his success. He loves to share his knowledge and he is driven to get results out of every massage.  His specializes in deep tissue, and neuro-muscular as well as reflexology and Gua Sha. He is excited to be at Complete Care because he knows this is an environment that will give him the opportunity and ability to practice massage in …
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Janet Shelton, LMT, CA

Eagle Point Location Janet Shelton, LMT, CA # 13190 Janet grew up in the country just outside of Roseburg, where she started massage with her twin who was born asking for a back rub. In her teens she learned it was a career option when a cousin earned her massage license. In 2006, Janet received her license and started a career at Better Life Chiropractic and Massage. There she fell in love with prenatal work, and specialized in massage for pain relief. Most recently she worked a few hours a month with a midwife, and operated her own business in Monmouth, Oregon. She is married with two kids and just relocated to Eagle Point. Her husband is a high school math teacher and they are enjoying the start of their time Eagle Point. You can often find Janet …
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Yeonjoo Lee chriopractor at Complete Care in Medford

Yeonjoo Lee, DC, AP-C, RMSK

Medford Location Yeonjoo Lee, DC, AP-C, RMSK Dr. Lee is a chiropractor who practiced in New Mexico for 24 years before coming to the Rogue Valley.  She has spent the last 16 years in integrative medicine allowing her a unique opportunity to be part of a team approach. This approach allows tailored care for each patient to have the most optimum outcome. This also allows the providers to address the patient as a whole instead of a fragmented approach that ends up not only in more expensive care but also less satisfying for both patients and providers. Her practice has evolved from taking care of large population of soft tissue injury cases in Albuquerque to focus on chronic fatigue patients with nutrition and herbal medicine in Santa Fe till 2000. She moved back to Albuquerque in 2001 to …
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chiropractor at Complete Care

Matthew Goodrich, DC

Eagle Point Location Matthew Goodrich, DC Dr. Matt Goodrich is a chiropractor at Complete Care Health Centers in Eagle Point.  He grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where his passion for healthy living grew out of necessity. As a child, he suffered from a number of health problems including allergies, asthma and chronic sinus infections. As he grew older, he also witnessed many of his family members suffer from chronic health conditions as well. Traditional medicine didn’t seem to improve his own ailments or the conditions of his family. But what did he discover was the profound impact that chiropractic had on his own life and overall health. With the combination of Chiropractic, eating quality foods and regular exercise, he saw the change in himself and was excited to share his knowledge and experience with others. Because of this, …
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Jeffrey Tornabene DC

Eagle Point Location Jeffrey Tornabene, DC Dr. Jeffrey Tornabene graduated from the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. He graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in March of 2013 from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon graduating Summa Cum Laude and earning a second Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology. Prior to attending Chiropractic College, Dr. Tornabene volunteered in the Peace Corps for twenty-seven months in Guatemala where he became fluent in Spanish. Working in a rural Guatemalan community, Dr. Tornabene developed valuable perspectives on the importance of health maintenance and witnessed what consequences can result from a lack there of. Dr. Tornabene’s experiences in the Peace Corps strengthened his decision to become a Chiropractor and become a strong proponent of public health. Growing up in Pittsburgh, …
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Dr. Thaddeus Gala, founder and CEO of Complete Care

Thaddeus Gala, DC, Founder and CEO of Complete Care

Eagle Point Location Thaddeus Gala, DC Dr. Thaddeus Gala is a chiropractor, Founder and CEO of Complete Care who was raised in rural Trail, Oregon.  While growing up he witnessed the complete transformation of his mother’s health decline and ultimate recovery from a painful and severe case of fibromyalgia. Ever since watching his mother’s health transform from a bed-ridden illness to the vibrant health coach she is today, he has been inspired and dedicated to pursuing and promoting health as his professional life’s work in natural medicine. Dr. Gala performs educational health lectures on nutrition, weight loss and diabetic management within the clinic and at various locations across the country. He has nationally published research and has been the keynote speaker at schools and teaching facilities including audiences of over 1,000 attendees. He is the author of several …
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Jill Henry, PA-C

Medford Location Jill Henry, PA-C Jill Henry is a Duke University Medical School Physician Assistant program graduate. She holds a master of health science degree and is a certified physician assistant. She enjoys getting to know patients while providing education to assist them in achieving physical and mental health and balance. Jill favors natural approaches whenever possible to help patients reach their health goals. Her areas of interest include hormone balancing for men and women, postpartum depression, diet and weight management, as well as all facets of general primary care. Jill would be honored to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.
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