best foods for gut health

Ten Best Foods for Gut Health and Foods to Avoid

The best foods for gut health don’t just keep your tummy happy. They optimize your body and mind. Unfortunately, bad foods can just as easily destroy your health. What’s the solution? Quite simply, eat more healthy foods and avoid the bad ones. In this article, we talk about the importance of gut health, which foods to eat and which ones to avoid. Let’s get started! What Is the Microbiome? The microbiome is the collection of single-celled organisms that live in your gut, including: Bacteria Fungi Viruses …and other microbiota. However, what you may find most surprising is that bacteria isn’t all that bad. In fact, there are plenty of “good” bacteria that you need in order to stay healthy. Let’s take a closer look at why gut health is such a big deal… Why Gut Health Matters The …
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nutritional shake

What to Look for In a Nutritional Shake

Nutritional shakes and protein powders are all the rage, but there’s a lot you should know before you buy. Moreover, if you choose wisely, a nutritional shake can be a great way to: Recover from hard workouts Enhance sports performance Lose weight Control appetite Build muscle mass Improve overall wellness Most are loaded with beneficial amino acids and other important nutrients, but some can be inflammatory. Here’s what to look for in a nutritional shake: What Is a Nutritional Shake? A nutritional shake is any drinkable food product that can supplement meals. It’s an easy way to get your protein requirements on-the-go. Anti-inflammatory Nutritional Shake Powders Most nutritional shake powders contain too much sugar and have too many inflammatory ingredients. However, there are a couple of rock-solid options. Here they are: Collagen Protein Powder Collagen is a type …
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8 Tips for Fitness At Home

You can’t always make it to the gym to work on your fitness. Sometimes life gets in the way: work, errands, Covid. Fortunately, there are plenty of at-home fitness options, including: Yoga Pilates Biking Walking Running The point is, just because you are working out at home, it doesn’t mean you have to slack on fitness. After all, it’s now more important than ever to strengthen your immune system with exercise. Let’s take a closer look at fitness outside the gym: 1. Fitness: Bodyweight Basics You don’t need weights to get a solid burn. As a matter of fact, your own bodyweight is plenty! With the right approach, squats, push-ups, and lunges can leave you exhausted. A little something called “circuit training” is a great way to squeeze in a hard workout. All it takes is rotating through …
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Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Are you ready to discover the key to less stress, better digestion, and fewer sick days? Then it’s time to boost your immune system! Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do with diet, exercise, and chiropractic care to support immunity. In fact, chiropractors are a seriously underutilized tool in keeping the immune system strong, and soon you’re going to find out why. You already know that the immune system fights harmful bacteria, but did you know that it also impacts every system in the body? From your hormones to your heart, you need a healthy immune system to live your best life. Not only that, but an underactive immune system can cause tumors, while an overactive immune system can trigger autoimmune diseases. (1) In order to stay healthy, you want to be somewhere in between. With the right diet …
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Physical activity and health

Physical Activity and Health: How To Get Your Kids to Be More Active

Less than 24 percent of children ages 6-17 get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. (1) Unfortunately, a lack of exercise can lead to low energy, not to mention serious health problems down the road. So the question is, “How do you get your kids to be more active?” Between the computer, video games and phones, you have a lot of competition. However, with the right approach, you can get almost any kid to improve their physical activity and health. Here’s how: Challenges That Keep Kids From Being Active As kids grow older, the competition for exercise gets stiff, including: Schoolwork Extracurricular clubs and activities Volunteering Busy families At the same time, some kids stop wanting to participate in physical activities when they realize they aren’t as good as other kids. A lack of role models …
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Anti-inflammatory nutrition facts

Incorporating Healthy Kid Foods and Nutrition Education Into Your Home

Like most families, you probably have a busy schedule. It can be hard to make homemade meals every day, and even harder to sit down as a family. However, you have to find ways to make nutrition education a part of your home routine. One way or another, children need to develop the habits that will allow them to live to a ripe old age. This article shows how parents can introduce healthier foods to their children. If you stick to your guns, even the pickiest eaters will eventually fall in line. Let’s get healthy! Health Benefits of Eating Right There’s a lot at stake when it comes to the food your children eat. For starters, poor nutrition greatly increases the risk of developing conditions like… Obesity Diabetes Heart disease Anxiety Depression Irritable bowel disease (1) However, the …
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Healthy Kids

Raising Healthy Kids Who Love to Learn with Diet and Exercise

Healthy kids thrive on nutritious food and plenty of exercises. Both affect how the brain functions and can have a huge impact on mental health. In fact, physical activity and nutrition are often the difference between healthy kids who loves school and ones who hate it. As parents, it’s our job to help our children soak up new information. After all, mom and dad are the original influencers for developing healthy habits. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the relationship between diet, exercise, and learning. It’s time to raise some healthy kids! Healthy Kids: How Nutrition Boosts Brain Health Brain foods matter, especially for the gray matter in your child’s brain. Think about it… Their little brains are running on overdrive every second of every day, burning up precious nutrients the whole time. As a …
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Creating habits

Why New Habits Don’t Stick + 5 Tips for Creating Habits That Last

Do you have a nasty habit that might be holding you back? Believe it or not, most of the daily decisions we make are nothing more than emotional reflexes. Over time, subconscious habits can take the helm of life, and not all habits have your best long-term interests at heart. On the contrary, you might be shooting your hopes and dreams in the foot and not even realize it. The problem is that old habits die hard, and ultimately your brain chemistry is to blame. However, with the right strategies, you can retrain your brain and the habits that guide them. In this article, we explore the science of creating habits that last a lifetime. Let’s get started! What Are Habits? A habit is a repetitive, mostly subconscious behavior. According to psychologists, habits are routine ways of thinking, …
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Health coach

10 Benefits of a Health Coach for Making Lifelong Changes

With obesity and chronic diseases on the rise, health coaches are now more important than ever. One of the main benefits of a health coach is accountability. More often than not, deeply ingrained habits like diet and exercise don’t go without a fight. However, a health coach can design a plan around your specific goals and hold you to it. Keep reading to learn how a health coach can empower you to live a happier, more vibrant life. What Is a Health Coach? A health coach is a wellness expert and supportive mentor who helps you make balanced lifestyle changes. Health coaches go by many names, including “wellness coach,” “nutrition coach,” and “health coach.” However, in the US, none of these are protected titles. In other words, their definitions and qualifications differ depending on who you ask. According …
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Nutritional loss

Foodocalypse: The Shocking Nutritional Loss in Today’s Food Supply

These ain’t your momma’s vegetables, at least not anymore… Sadly, the food of today is less nutritious than it once was. When our parents were growing up, the soil was richer in essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, folate, and phosphorus. Not only that, but the atmosphere, temperature, and other environmental factors were more ideal. This made for a healthier Earth and healthier humans. In this article, we look at how our beloved produce has fallen from grace and what you can do to help revive it. How Bad Is the Nutritional Loss in Today’s Food? Studies show that the average vegetable is between 5 to 40 percent less nutritious than it was a few decades ago. In a 2017 study published in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, researchers analyzed the nutrient data of 12 vegetables from …
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