Take control of diabetes

Can You Reverse Diabetes?

Have you recently been told you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic. Are you wanting to get rid of or reduce your diabetic medications? There are natural solutions that can help you reduce or eliminate your medications. Through being engaged in specific lifestyle changes, not fad diets, you can gain control and eliminate your medications. What
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Diabetes Is On The Rise By 90%

Diabetes is one of the nation’s most wide spread diseases. In 2015, it was the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. Sarah Roberson from Complete Care Centers says that “projections are astronomical in terms of where [the disease] is now and where it is going.” In fact, the Center for Disease Control
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Gaining Weight and Not Sure Why?

Have you noticed a difference in your weight recently without a change in lifestyle? Are you experiencing mild, unexplained weight gain (5-20 lbs) or struggling to lose weight? If so, it could be because you have hypothyroidism or a mild case of it. According to The American Thyroid Association, about 2-3 % of Americans have
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hair loss

Thinning Hair? Learn What Could Be Causing Your Hair Loss

Are you suffering from hair loss? It is normal for people to lose about 50-100 hairs a day according to the hair’s life cycle. However, if you notice you’re losing more hair than normal or your hair isn’t growing back in certain areas, your thyroid could be to blame. Thyroid Issue Could Cause Hair Loss
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Do You Have Fatigue? It Could Be Your Thyroid

Is it hard to get through the day without a nap or an afternoon coffee? Do you find yourself crashing during the afternoon or early evening? Do you wish you had more energy for exercise or socializing? Everyone gets tired, but fatigue is not the result of overexertion and is not alleviated by sleep or
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Hypothyroidism on the rise

Hypothyroidism On The Rise

As our world changes, we are finding that some diseases such as low thyroid, or hypothyroidism, are on the rise. Dr. Laura Deleruyelle holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree from Case Western Reserve University. She says that “hypothyroidism rates have skyrocketed since the US started spraying pesticides and insecticides on our soil. That has
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Heavy Metal Toxicity: Are You Poisoning Yourself?

You might have heard of heavy metal positioning or heavy metal toxicity, which is caused by exposure to toxic metals, but did you also know that simply chewing your food could be exposing you to toxic Mercury? If you have a silver filling or amalgam, every time you chew it could be releasing Mercury vapors into
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