breast health

6 Breast Health Awareness Tips for Women of All Ages

As many as one in eight women may receive a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetimes[1]. For women, breast health awareness is a vital part of staying healthy for life. And while most people think of pink ribbons and mammograms, there’s far more to breast health awareness than that. In this article you’ll find 6 tips that can prevent breast cancer, result in early detection, and create better outcomes for you, the women in your life, and your entire community. What is Breast Health Awareness? Breast health awareness is related to breast cancer awareness, but they’re not quite the same. Here’s one definition of breast cancer awareness: “Breast cancer awareness is an effort to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of breast cancer through education on symptoms and treatment.” Does anything seem to be missing? How about breast …
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Coenzyme Q10

Health Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 and How to Use It

The global health supplement market is worth over $100 billion[1].   But unfortunately for customers, many dietary supplements are ineffective and may even have adverse health effects[2].   Coenzyme Q10 is an exception, however.   This remarkable, research-backed supplement packs a one-two punch: it helps your body produce energy, and its antioxidant effects can enhance cellular health.   Not only that, CoQ10 very safe and easy to tolerate, even at high doses[3].   In this article, you’ll learn what CoQ10 does for your body, how it works, 4 health benefits of coenzyme Q10, and the best way to take it.   Keep reading to learn what coenzyme Q10 is, and the difference between ubiquinone and ubiquinol!   What is Coenzyme Q10? Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring antioxidant and energy molecule in humans and other animals.   Ubiquinone …
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Face Lifting Exercise

The 5 Best Face Lifting Exercises for Anti-Aging

Face lifting exercises or facial exercises are popular for anti-aging, but do they work? Dermatologists, aestheticians, and celebrities have used face lifting exercises for years. However, they are controversial, and not everyone agrees with them. Keep reading to learn the truth about face lifting exercises, how they may work to slow signs of aging, and 5 face lifting exercises to try at home, plus how they fit into an effective anti-aging regimen. What Are Face Lifting Exercises? Face lifting exercises, sometimes called “face yoga,” “face building,” or “making funny faces in the mirror,” have been around a long time. Think of facial exercises as a workout for your face. Advocates say they can slow signs of aging, while critics say they may make wrinkles worse. So who’s right? Fortunately, a recent study discussed in the Journal of the …
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Supplements for Aging Skin

Supplements for Aging Skin

As a 17th-century poet once said, “beauty is only skin deep.” The original meaning of the statement is that visual beauty is no substitute for character. However, it also highlights the fact that to be beautiful, one must have beautiful, healthy skin. Beautiful and youthful skin confers many advantages. Whether you want smooth, clear skin for self-confidence, to attract your dream partner, or to increase your chances of a raise or promotion at work, you’re not alone. In this article you’ll learn the causes of skin aging and the 4 best supplements that can slow down skin aging. What Causes Skin Aging? For decades, topical creams and lotions were the most popular products for aging skin. But recently, supplements for aging skin have caught on. The reason? Because they’re effective, backed by science, and cheaper than so-called “miracle …
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supplements and aging

The Best Supplements After 40 to Slow Down Aging

Supplements after 40…are they worth it? Aging refers to the process of humans or other living organisms becoming older. Specifically, it means the accumulation of changes over time. These changes include physical, mental, and social changes. While aging isn’t all bad, most people would rather avoid or postpone the physical and mental effects of aging. Along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, some supplements can help you retain vitality. This is especially true after age 40, when the body begins to change and gradually decline. Keep reading to learn how supplements after 40 can help you live a longer, healthier life, plus the 5 best supplements to take after 40. Take These 5 Supplements After 40 #1: Alpha-Lipoic Acid What is Alpha-Lipoic Acid? Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is an antioxidant. When taken orally, your body absorbs ALA rapidly …
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Slowing Down Aging

How to Live Past 100: 7 Tips for Slowing Down Aging

Everyone ages, but is slowing down aging possible? The science of aging is complex, with new theories emerging all the time. Along with new insights into the causes of aging, researchers have discovered several ways to age slower. In the future, humans may be able to slow down aging enough to live an incredibly long time. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for technological breakthroughs. You can take action today to live a longer, healthier life. Keep reading to learn the surprising causes of aging and the 7 best tips for slowing down aging! What is Aging? Aging refers to the process of humans, animals, plants, fungi, or cells becoming older. Scientists define aging in humans as the accumulation of changes over time. These changes include physical, mental, and social changes. For example: Reaction time slows with age …
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foods to avoid

4 Foods to Avoid on the Candida Diet

If you’ve ever had a yeast infection that keeps coming back, you already know that over-the-counter (OTC) products like Monistat and Vagisil don’t always do the trick. That’s one reason over half of women experience recurring yeast infections, also called vulvovaginal candidiasis[1]. The result? Along with pain, discomfort, and frustration, the majority of these women report a moderate or severe impact on their love lives[2]. While yeast infections are rarely life-threatening, there’s no doubt that they can reduce your quality of life. Are you ready to learn a new way to eliminate and prevent yeast infections? By learning exactly which foods to avoid on the Candida Diet, you can get rid of Candida for good! What is the Candida Diet? The Candida Diet is one of the most important parts of the Candida Cleanse. There are three main …
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symptoms of candida overgrowth

5 Symptoms of Candida Overgrowth and How to Treat It

Overall, Candida albicans is the most common cause of yeast infections in people[1]. In most healthy individuals, this species of yeast is a commensal or symbiotic (harmless or even mutually beneficial) organism. It dwells on the skin and in the mouth, genitalia, and gastrointestinal tracts. However, in people with poor immune function or other health problems, Candida albicans can cause irritating or even life-threatening yeast infections that can be very difficult to overcome[1]. Keep reading to learn the two main forms Candida overgrowth takes, the symptoms of candida overgrowth to watch out for, and a crash course in how to reduce your risk of recurrent Candida infection. The 2 Main Forms of Candida Nearly everyone has heard of yeast infection, but are you aware of the hyphal form of Candida? Changes in environmental factors including temperature, nutrient availability, …
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How to treat yeast infections

How to Treat Yeast Infections (And What Happens If You Don’t)

Normally, yeast infections are considered a private topic, but the majority of women experience yeast infections in their lives[1]. Not only that, over half of women experience two or more yeast infections, and quite a few get them year after year[1]. Many people don’t realize that over-the-counter (OTC) treatments only treat the symptoms, but don’t
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yeast infections

How to Defeat Yeast Infections Once and for All

Yeast infections are a sensitive topic, but up to 75% of women will experience this uncomfortable health problem during their lifetime[1]. Along with vaginal yeast infections, Candida yeast can also cause oral thrush as well as invasive candidiasis, a dangerous condition involving the kidneys, heart, brain, or other internal organs. If you’ve ever had a
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