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Joel Klein, MD Lecture Series

Understanding the Thyroid-Beyond the Numbers

Hypothyroidism (low thyroid) is commonly under-diagnosed and under-treated. For over 40 years, doctors have relied on a single test, whose validity is actually debatable, for diagnosis and treatment. This has left many people feeling chronically poor with nowhere to turn. We will examine an approach to diagnosing and treating hypothyroidism that results in people actually feeling well. Feel free to invite friends to watch this eye opening lecture from Dr. Klein.

Understanding Fatigue - What To Do When The Tests Are "Normal"

Chronic fatigue not due to an obvious medical disease, even if not diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is becoming an increasing problem for which conventional medicine has produced very little in the way of actually helping people heal and feel well again. This is because, for most people, the underlying problems are due to disorders of function, which are very individual and not amenable to the disease-based, statistical approach of conventional medicine. We’ll review the most common causes of chronic fatigue and a proven approach to treatment that commonly results in people actually becoming well.

Understanding Hormone Balance - The Key to Healthy Aging

Modern life is extremely depleting to the hormone system. There is a significant body of evidence showing that low hormone levels cause accelerated aging and increase the risk of many chronic diseases. In addition, the risks of hormone replacement have been grossly exaggerated by interests that have a philosophical bias against such treatment. We’ll review the benefits of hormone replacement, particularly in men and post-menopausal women, discuss treatment options, and look at what the medical studies really say about the risks.

Understanding Gut Health - Don't Just Manage It, Heal It!

It should go without saying that, if we cannot properly digest and assimilate our food, none of our body’s functions will be able to operate at an optimal level. Modern life with its highly processed foods, stress, and environmental exposures, especially drugs like antibiotics, wreaks havoc on our GI tracts. We’ll review the basic elements of establishing and maintaining a healthy gut using what has been called the “4R Program” – Remove, Replace, Re-inoculate, and Repair.

2017 Longevity Summit

This fun filled event is your opportunity to understand the powerful and keystone forces at play in determining your health. You will gain the information and easy actionable steps to reverse the aging and disease process. You will have the knowledge and power never achieved by most mainstream physicians. Those that understand and implement these concepts begin to live life to the fullest potential while reversing chronic disease in 1-8 months….. For Good.

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Dr Klein's Corner

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Balanced Approach

Be Active

Canoe Metaphor

Eat Leafy Greens

Eat Real Food

Gluten is Not a Fad

How Do You Become a Doctor?

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If You're Unhappy

Lab Tests

Listen To What's in Your Heart

Low Adrenals

Low Testosterone

Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Stressed Babies

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Sex Is Wholesome

Women Need to Feel OK about Sexuality

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Getting Women to Take Care of Themselves

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62 Year Old Woman

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I Care About My Patients

Don't Do Everything At Once

Frustrations With Our Healthcare System

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Your Accountable for Your Health(Part 2)

Being Proactive With Your Health

What Kind of Patients Are Frustrating For You?

Whats Your Ideal Patient?

What Conditions Respond Most Favorably?

Problems With the Pharmaceutical Industry

Open Ended Questions

It's Not Going to Happen Overnight

I'm Not Going to Put a Bandaid On It (Part 1)

I’m Not Going to put a Bandaid on it (Part 2)

Four Recomendations for Better Health

Sarah Roberson's Corner

My Style of Practice

My Ideal Patient

Type's of Conditions I Like Working With

The Idea of a Perfect Diet

Sleep Quality

Patient's Afraid of What The Dr. Might Say

The Idea of a Perfect Diet

Our Brain Has So Much to do with our Health

Sarah vs Mainstream Medicine

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