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Matthew Goodrich, DC

Eagle Point Location Matthew Goodrich, DC Dr. Matt Goodrich is a chiropractor at Complete Care Health Centers in Eagle Point.  He grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where his passion for healthy living grew out of necessity. As a child, he suffered from a number of health problems including allergies, asthma and chronic sinus infections. As he grew older, he also witnessed many of his family members suffer from chronic health conditions as well. Traditional medicine didn’t seem to improve his own ailments or the conditions of his family. But what did he discover was the profound impact that chiropractic had on his own life and overall health. With the combination of Chiropractic, eating quality foods and regular exercise, he saw the change in himself and was excited to share his knowledge and experience with others. Because of this, …
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Jeffrey Tornabene DC

Eagle Point Location Jeffrey Tornabene, DC Dr. Jeffrey Tornabene graduated from the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. He graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in March of 2013 from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon graduating Summa Cum Laude and earning a second Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology. Prior to attending Chiropractic College, Dr. Tornabene volunteered in the Peace Corps for twenty-seven months in Guatemala where he became fluent in Spanish. Working in a rural Guatemalan community, Dr. Tornabene developed valuable perspectives on the importance of health maintenance and witnessed what consequences can result from a lack there of. Dr. Tornabene’s experiences in the Peace Corps strengthened his decision to become a Chiropractor and become a strong proponent of public health. Growing up in Pittsburgh, …
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Dr. Thaddeus Gala, founder and CEO of Complete Care

Thaddeus Gala, DC, Founder and CEO of Complete Care

Eagle Point Location Thaddeus Gala, DC Dr. Thaddeus Gala is a chiropractor, Founder and CEO of Complete Care who was raised in rural Trail, Oregon.  While growing up he witnessed the complete transformation of his mother’s health decline and ultimate recovery from a painful and severe case of fibromyalgia. Ever since watching his mother’s health transform from a bed-ridden illness to the vibrant health coach she is today, he has been inspired and dedicated to pursuing and promoting health as his professional life’s work in natural medicine. Dr. Gala performs educational health lectures on nutrition, weight loss and diabetic management within the clinic and at various locations across the country. He has nationally published research and has been the keynote speaker at schools and teaching facilities including audiences of over 1,000 attendees. He is the author of several …
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Christi Leonardo, LMT, CA

Eagle Point Location Christi Leonardo, LMT, CA Christianne Leonardo is a home town girl.  She studied Agribusiness and Animal Sciences at TVCC, then moved to Silverton to study and complete her her training as an LMT at OSM.  After marrying her high school sweetheart, they moved back to the Rogue Valley.  Today, after 15 years of practicing massage therapy with experience in a wide range of therapies to provide a comprehensive treatment for the needs of each client, she is happy to be a part of the Eagle Point and surrounding communities.  She is providing massage therapies to patients with excellence, encouraging and inspiring patients to be health centered, helping patients attain liberty through innovations and having fun.  “I really enjoy working with the patients at Complete Care Health Centers as well as working alongside the employees!  I’ve found a …
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licensed massage therapy

Tracey Rhodes, LMT, CA

Eagle Point Location Tracey Rhodes, LMT, CA # 20097 Tracey has been in the Rogue Valley for most of her life and graduated from Eagle Point High School. Many years later she attended the Ashland Institute of Massage where she receive her LMT license in 2013. She specializes in Swedish, deep tissue and myofascial release. Tracy has worked at Complete Care since June of 2015. She says she is grateful for being able to work for such a fun enthusiastic group of people who go above and beyond for the health and well-being of their patients.
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Jenny Heppner, LMT, CA

Eagle Point Location Jenny Heppner, LMT, CA # 21518 Jenny is an Eagle Point native. She graduated from Eagle Point High School in 2001. She was hired in June of 2014 after graduating and completing her internship at Complete Care. She graduated with her certificate in Massage Therapy from RCC. She is continuing her education to get her associates degree. Jenny loves having the ability to help patients heal themselves in an all-natural way, without surgery or medication. She is very excited for the opportunity to be part of a team and giving back to the community.
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Wendy Oseth

Wendy Robinson, LMT, CA

Eagle Point Location Wendy Robinson, LMT, CA #12333 Wendy originally began her practice as a licensed massage therapist in Eagle Point expanding into Medford. She became a part of the Complete Care family as one of only a handful of Ashiatsu practitioners in the Rogue Valley. Wendy offers a unique component for pain relief and soft tissue injury recovery.  While traditional massage uses the practitioner’s upper extremities, Ashiatsu is performed by using the feet and offers a blend of deep to light pressure over a broad surface area.  Sometimes, for patients unable to comfortably tolerate needed deep tissue work, Ashiatsu can be the solution.
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Sarah Roberson, MSN, FNP-C

Medford Location 3132 State St. STE 110 Sarah Roberson, MSN, FNP-C Sarah graduated with her BS in Nursing from OHSU and then progressed on to CSULB for her MSN in nursing, becoming a family nurse practitioner. She has been practicing in the Rogue Valley for the last 9 years. While she sees the spectrum of primary care she also specifically focuses in hormone balancing for women, men, and teens. She additionally encourages preventative care, educating her patients with specific dietary guidelines and lifestyle changes to prevent heart disease and diabetes, and also to slow down the progression of these diseases when they are already present. Other main health issues she treats includes thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, and general women’s health. She blends traditional western medicine with a mix of alternative approaches as well, utilizing supplements, vitamin testing and essential oils when able.
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