Yeonjoo Lee, DC, AP-C, RMSK

Medford Location

Dr. Lee was born in South Korea and was introduced to Chiropractic medicine during 1988 Seoul Olympics when she volunteered as a translator during a senior year of college. She was majoring in Mathematics and after finishing her B.S., enrolled in Palmer college of Chiropractic in 1989, in Davenport, Iowa. After graduating as a DC, she moved to New Mexico and practiced for 24 years. Her practice has evolved from taking care of large population of soft tissue injury cases in Albuquerque to focus on chronic fatigue patients with nutrition and herbal medicine in Santa Fe till 2000. She moved back to Albuquerque in 2001 to join the first Integrative Medicine group in New Mexico to function as a Chiropractor, a holistic primary care provider, and later to focus on pain medicine with broader scope of practice employing various types of injections and become certified in diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound. She has spent the last 16 years in integrative medicine allowing her a unique opportunity to be part of the team approach to deliver the tailored care for each patient to have the most optimum outcome and address the patient as a whole instead of a fragmented approach that ends up not only in more expensive care but also less satisfying for both patients and providers.

She is excited to bring her experiences to enhance and complement the care this group is already delivering and hopes to be part of the caring team while delivering the best care possible. When outside of the office, Dr. Lee enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and backpacking and looks forward to exploring the nature of Oregon.