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Ryan Conner, LMT, CA

Ryan has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2003.  He has always enjoyed figuring out how things work, which led him to a path with a strong background in Anatomy, Kinesiology, Orthopedics as well as Mechanical Engineering.  He believes in the body’s natural ability to heal and strengthen itself through positive energy, good nutrition, daily stretching, and being active.  His patience, friendliness, and compassion for helping others, makes him a valuable provider to our health care community. Whether you suffer from an injury, chronic pain, or simply just want to relax, Ryan will custom tailor each massage by using a wide variety of techniques and modalities.   Through his many years of experience, excellent listening skills, and his natural intuitive ability, Ryan is able to offer his patients help in getting the most relief from their pain and tension. In addition to his passion for massage, Ryan can be found pursing his love for the outdoors.  He enjoys hiking, camping, rock hunting, mountain biking, rafting, and snowboarding.  He also likes spending time with his family, reading, and doing extensive research.