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Jennifer Wann, LMT, CA

Jennifer was born and raised in Southern Oregon and she studied and graduated from RCC with an Associates of General Studies and Certificate of Massage. Prior to joining the Complete Care team, she began her internship at Complete care while in school in March 2015. She was quickly recognized for her dedication and skill as a massage practitioner, and was hired on as a chiropractic assistant in May of 2015. Soon after she became a Licensed as Massage Therapist in August of 2015. Jennifer specializes in Deep Tissue Release, Myocardial Release, and Therapeutic Massage. She has regularly helped clients to get relief from low back pain, shoulder and neck pain, numbness and tingling, as well as auto, work and sports related injuries. Jennifer’s passion for massage allows her to help others to overcome pain and ailments, rather than merely covering up symptoms. She has a deep appreciation for what each patient has been through, and enjoys hearing people’s diverse life stories. Outside of massage, Jennifer also enjoys photography, spending time with her niece, and living an active and healthy lifestyle.